What to expect

A yoga or mindfulness challenge each day, for 30 days delivered straight into your inbox

You'll learn how to be more mindful, to stress less and find calm in this busy,
faced paced, modern world.

Learn how to meditate, what meditation is, isn't and how meditation can empower your life.

Practice different styles of flow yoga to strengthen, tone and balance your body, mind and emotions.

Receive teachings to understand the lunar cycles and the value of working with the moons energy to physically materialize positive experiences and emotions, and let go of stress and what no longer serves you.

Use Yoga and Mindfulness to overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety or stress.

"A healthy spine is a healthy life". The value of spinal health, how to strengthen and nourish  your spine for optimal physical health and emotional wellness.

2x Weekly Live Stream classes to connect with the community (classes are recorded in case you miss the live.)

Community support in our exclusive Facebook Group.

Weekly Q&A  Every Sunday with me and our online community for support, accountability and connection.  

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