Kayleigh's Embodied Yoga classes teach you how to move with grace, strength, and increase mental focus. Leaving you feeling physically and emotionally liberated

Weekly Schedule

Every Monday receive your new weekly schedule with optional live classes to help support you, whether you’re focusing on personal transformation and discovery. Or simply maintaining an enjoyable yoga and mindfulness practice.


Look out for the fire symbol 🔥

This means the class has extra intensity, and is slightly more challenging.

Class Categories

Beginner Yoga:

New to yoga or a beginner to the practice? No worries, here you’ll find carefully curated classes for if you’re a complete beginner or just starting out on your yoga journey. These classes will be guided at a slower pace with less intensity

Fluid Flow:

Kayleigh's signature style. Fluid flow yoga is embodied, with playful and fluid movement. It’s both challenging and unhurried. We mindfully synchronise movement with breath in a flow similar to Vinyasa, moving in a controlled, creative and curious way.

Up-Tempo Flow:

Slow flow gets a burst of dynamism. In Up-Tempo Flow classes, we pick up the pace and intensity of our practice, but never lose the mindfulness or the precision of our movements.


With our restorative yoga practice, we encourage physical, mental and emotional relaxation. We practise at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness and deep breathing. Mostly floor based, our Restorative class is the antidote to a busy day, helping you unwind into peacefulness.


These are guided meditations to serve mind, body and heart. Our meditation is mostly focused on embodiment and our awareness of sensations.

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